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Have you been wanting to get into astrophotography but think it’s just too expensive to take the plunge? You need a CCD imager, and a rock solid equatorial mount with tracking right? Not so fast. Get the best price on a focal reducer at Corvus Optics.

You can begin to dabble in astrophotography with this little gem here. It’s a focal reducer. You can think of it as a reverse barlow if you want. One thing it does is give you a wider view of the sky. It also affects your effective focal length. It takes a 25mm eyepiece and, depending on how far you put the reducer from the eyepiece, will give you roughly a 50mm eyepiece.

The best thing about this reducer when it comes to astrophotography is not that it gives you a wider view, essentially doubles your eyepiece collection. The best thing about this reducer is it cuts in half the time it takes to image. What used to take ten minutes to image now only takes five. What was going to take six minutes now takes three.

You can take some photos of deep sky with your alt-az tracking mount and stack them. Since your imaging time is halved you don’t run into the problem of needing a EQ mount for shorter exposures. When you’re photographing deep sky objects you usually want a wider view as well so this reducer is perfect.

If you want to really get into astrophotography you will still need to upgrade later, but this focal reducer and our illuminated reticle will let you get your feet wet and see how it goes without having to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Focal Reducer Characteristics

  • Our focal reducer is fully multi-coated to help transmit more light, nice green sheen when held at an angle.
  • Our focal reducer is threaded male on one end and female on the other so it can both have a filter attached and be threaded onto an eyepiece or camera.
  • Our focal reducer is mostly for astrophotography (cuts imaging time down by half) but can also be used as a reverse barlow, cutting down magnification and giving a wider field of view.

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