C-Mount to 1.25″ Barrel Adapter Telescope Astrophotography


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Have you been wanting to get into astrophotography but think it’s just too expensive to take the plunge? You need a CCD imager, and a rock solid equatorial mount with tracking right? Not so fast.

You can begin to dabble in astrophotography with this little gem here. It’s a C mount adapter. It allows you to connect your video, surveillance or astronomy C mount to your telescope.

If you want to really get into astrophotography you will need to upgrade later, but this will let you get your feet in and see how it goes without having to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars.

  • Black anodized aluminium
  • 1 inch long 1.25 inch barrel easily attaches to your focuser or diagonal
  • Threaded to accept filters or focal reducers
  • Camera not included

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